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  1. E-mail address: username@yourdomain.com

    Example: bob@yahoo.com
  2. SMTP Server (Outgoing): Your ISP's outgoing mail server

    NOTE: To use your outgoing mail server for your web hosting, (yourdomain.com as an outgoing mail server), your mail client must must first check pop3 mail in order to authenticate. Otherwise the outgoing mail server for your ISP must be used. This is to limit the possibility of unwanted Spam.
  3. POP3 Server (Incoming): yourdomain.com

    See our e-mail setup page for the different types of e-mail programs and replace the POP and SMTP info with the info shown above.

Since we get this question all of the time, we felt it necessary to include it here.

** Question
How do I set up a user to catch all unresolved mail on my domain? (i.e. no matter what people send mail to before the @yourdomain.com, a specific user will get it)

** Answer
This is actually quite easy, simply add an alias to the user that you want to receive all the "oddball or misspelled emails" that reads @www.yourdomain.com (that is it....) Try it and see! :-)



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