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Virtual Cobalts >> Support >> FTP Settings

This feature allows users without passwords to download and upload files via FTP, up to the specified disk-space limit.  Services Technical Support staff can modify FTP settings. The FTP Settings section is a read-only status page for site administrators.

To download files via anonymous FTP:

  • Log onto the site with the username "guest" or "anonymous" - you don't need to enter a password.
  • Enter the /ftp. The site administrator can post files here for downloading via FTP client software or a web browser.
  • Site administrators may access the anonymous FTP directory as /ftp during an FTP session.
To upload files, you must use FTP client software and access the directory /ftp incoming/. Once you've uploaded a file, you (as a guest) can't see it or access it on the FTP site. The size limit specified for FTP uploads is the total amount of disk space allocated for FTP uploads. If this number is set to 0, guests cannot upload to the FTP site.



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