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The User Management section on the Site Management screen allows you to perform administrative functions related to site users, such as:

  • adding or removing users
  • entering and modifying user names and passwords
  • managing users' disk space allocations
  • e-mail aliases

Adding a User

To add a user to a site, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Site Management screen.
  2. Click User Management.
  3. Click Add User.
  4. Enter the information for the user.
    Enter the user's name and password
    Set a total disk space allocation for the user
    Enter e-mail aliases
    Assign user as administrator for the virtual site, if applicable
  5. Click Confirm New User

Entering User E-mail Settings and Aliases

Mail Forwarding and Vacation Reply

Individual users can choose to have their e-mail forwarded to another e-mail account. Users can also choose to have a vacation-reply message that's automatically sent to each person who sends the user an e-mail. This feature is useful when users know they won't be reading or responding to incoming e-mail messages for a period of time.

E-mail Aliases

Each registered user must have a unique username. This username is used to send or receive e-mail. When a username is already taken by another site. For example, username john exists and his e-mail goes to john@domainname.com, you can not add a new user with the same username on a another site, john@abccompany.com.

  To change the name, password, disk space allocation, enable Front-page, or to make an existing user the site administrator, click User Management on the Site Management screen, then click the pencil icon for the user. Enter the changes you want in the Modify User table.

  To set up or modify the e-mail options for an existing user, click User Management on the Site Management screen, then click the envelope icon for the user. In the table that appears, you can enter a forwarding e-mail address, e-mail aliases, and an automatic vacation reply.

  If you want to remove a site user, click the trash icon for the user. To confirm that you want to remove the user, click OK in the confirmation dialog box that appears.


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