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In the Site Settings section of Site Management, you can see the domain name and IP address of the site, view the disk space allocation for the site, view the number of users on a site, and view the frequency with which web usage reports will be generated.

Only SKL Services technical support staff can modify site settings. The Site Settings section is a read-only status page for site administrators.

CGI allows users to have websites run programs that dynamically generate HTML pages in response to specific user inputs. CGI scripts can be created on a user's desktop computer and then transferred to the server with an FTP application. CGI scripts must have a .pl or .cgi filename extension. When configuring your CGI scripts, use the following paths:

The path to date: /usr/bin/date
The path to perl: /usr/bin/perl
The path to sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
The path to your domain: /home/sites/www.yourdomain.com/web

If the accept e-mail for domain function is selected, users on that site can retrieve mail using the address username@domain.com. For example, if the host name of the site is "hostname" with domain domainname.com, users can receive mail addressed to both username@hostname.domainname.com and username@domainname.com.


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