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If you plan on using your website for credit card related transactions or you need a secure area on your site for users to submit information, you will need an SSL certificate.

These are the steps to setup an SSL (Secure Server License) certificate on your website. First, you have to obtain a certificate from a company such as Verisign or Thawte.

Once you have obtained your certificate, follow the steps below to set up SSL on your website.

Generating a self-signed certificate:

You will need to enter the following information:

1) Your 2 letter country code - For example, "AU" (Australia) or "US" (United States).
2) Enter your state code - For example, "NSW" (New South Wales) or "TX" (Texas).
3) Enter the city or locality - For example, "Toronto" or "Austin."
4) Enter the name of the organization - For example, 'The Phoenix Foundation."
5) Enter your organizational unit - For example, "The Engineering Department."
6) Last, you will need to select "Generate self-signed certificate" from the pull down menu at the bottom.
7) Click on "Save Changes" button when finished.

Using a manually entered certificate:

1) Copy the information from the "Certificate Request" window of your self-signed certificate.
2) Open a new browser window and go to the website for one of the certification authorities.
3) Paste the information from step 1 into the site of the certificate authority and follow the instructions on the website.
4) The certificate authority sends you a certificate by email, copy this information.
5) On the SSL Settings section, delete the information currently in the "Certificate" window.
6) Select "Use manually entered certificate " from the drop down menu at the bottom.
7) Click on "Save Changes" button when finished.

Deleting an existing certificate:

1) Select "Delete certificate" from the drop down menu.
2) Click on "Save Changes" button.




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